Heads or tails? Summer Coding

27 DECEMBER 2020  Fellow independent theatre makers at Virginia Plain are storming into the post-shutdown theatre scene with their spin on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. 12 actors each prepare two parts, and flip a coin right at the beginning of each performance to find out who will play what. So what does…

5 Fave Memoirs: NYWF Panel Prep

1 OCTOBER 2020 In anticipation of tomorrow's panel discussion - "Hero of My Own Story" - with the National Young Writers Festival, I reminisced about the amazing memoirs and auto-fiction I've had the privilege to read and listen to. Here are 5 of my favourites in no particular order:
(photo: Clare Hawley)

New Website

30 JUNE 2020 The world is in a state of change. Of painful letting go, and of rebuilding. Like everyone in the arts, my career has been turned upside down. I’m coming to terms with my privilege as well as my vulnerability. It’s a LOT. The stories we’re telling and…