Performed at Old 505 Theatre, October 2019.

Writer/Producer Tabitha Woo
Director Alison Bennett
Sound Designer Tegan Nicholls
Lighting Designer Artie Hotchkies
Stage Manager Hannah Crane

Flight Attendant Melissa Hume
Duck Rizcel Gagawanan
Homer Danen Engelenberg
The Memes Samantha Lambert Ruudi Hendricks

Media & Reviews

Audrey Journal: Sitting Ducks in the Age of the Internet

Suzy Goes See: 5 Questions with Rizcel Gagawanan and Melissa Hume

Mornings with Courtney Ammenhauser, FBi 94.5FM: Radio interview with Samantha Lambert and Tabitha Woo (start at timestamp 1:31:30)

“[Tabitha Woo and Alison Bennett] keep the absurdist content high without sacrificing mood or humanity… Whatever way you slice it, Duckpond is in a happy place with bread and circus for contentment and the abiding question … Is it possible that flightlessness is the way to equality?  Check out the very entertaining Duckpond for absolutely no answer at all.” – Judith Greenaway (Reviews by Judith (and Friends))

“Duckpond is part Buzzfeed quiz, part existential crisis. It’s the perfect millennial play, utilizing memes to portray a breakdown of society… a heartfelt and charming show that’ll make you hungry, horny and haha.” – Kipp Lee (Theatre Travels)

“It is an evocative allegory, charmingly illustrated, in a play enjoyable for its absurdity… Alison Bennett’s idiosyncratic direction delivers a production memorable for its kooky style, with frequent disruptions to theatrical conventions, that help us look into the nature and origins of normality.” – Suzy Wrong (Suzy Goes See)

Production photography by Alex Smiles.