Duckpond (promo)

It’s a beautiful day at the Duckpond. Plenty of bread at the Duckpond. Everybody is happy at the Duckpond. Nobody sleeps at the Duckpond. They only eat at the Duckpond. If you’re a good duck, you can go to the Cloud.

Stranded after a plane crash, a flight attendant finds herself in the absurd dystopia of the Duckpond. She befriends Duck, a duck addicted to nutrient-poor white bread, and meets the Duckpond’s all-knowing dictator, Homer. What ensues is a madcap scroll through funny animal videos, clickbait listicles, and bread-related humour.

Switch off your smartphones for this brand new play about clickbait and the attention economy. You won’t believe what happens next!

Promo photography by Clare Hawley, with Rizcel Gagawanan, Melissa Hume and Samantha Lambert.