Samantha Lambert, Rudi Hendrikx
Samantha Lambert & Rudi Hendrikx, "Duckpond" (photo: Alex Smiles)


The minimum size of a new studio apartment in Sydney is 35m2.

Thirty Five Square was founded on the philosophy that theatre and shared creative experiences are vital to healthy city living. We remain fascinated by urbanism and the ways humans get along (or don’t) while living in shoeboxes.

We produce heavily-researched plays with a generous twist of absurdism and genre-bending, to bring audiences a brand new way of thinking about the world around us.

Creative Producer


I grew up in Tasmania, a quiet girl with big city dreams. 

When I moved to Sydney to study acting, I discovered that many of my favourite creative experiences didn’t occur in huge, glamorous theatres and galleries as I had expected. Instead, they occurred in re-purposed rooms above pubs. Small stages with even smaller dressing rooms. Filled with brave performances, authentic writing, and a few dozen audience members close enough to touch the actors.

The truth of the matter is: no matter who or where you are, story helps us to make sense of the world. Art brings us together.

I’ve been through many roles on and off stage: as a writer, producer, sound operator, director and actor.

Some highlights from my story include:

  • Taking my one-woman show, A Westerner’s Guide to the Opium Wars, on a mini-tour to Kings Cross Theatre in Sydney and The Blue Room Theatre in Perth.
  • Designing and facilitating acting workshops for staff across Ovolo Hotels Australia.
  • Writing for Old 505 Theatre’s Rapid Reads Festival two years in a row. 
  • Being part of the inaugural KXT/bAKEHOUSE Step Up Team in 2018.
 I love spreading the benefits of creativity, and helping people bravely share the stories that we all have inside. One word at a time, we can make the world a richer place.

Tabitha Woo
(photo: Clare Hawley)
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