New Website

30 JUNE 2020

The world is in a state of change. Of painful letting go, and of rebuilding.

Like everyone in the arts, my career has been turned upside down. I’m coming to terms with my privilege as well as my vulnerability. It’s a LOT.

The stories we’re telling and the cultural landscapes we’re building right now are more important than ever. As we craft a post-pandemic future, these are the stories that define our values. Will we embrace anti-racism, anti-colonialism, climate responsibility and our political voice?

It’s difficult to create when the world for which you’re creating is so unstable. 

I tried to write while we were in lockdown. I had, and still have, hundreds of tiny ideas running through my head. Some have started taking very nebulous shapes, like constellations. 

But I’ve been fixated by the storytelling potential that is in you. My biggest new project is releasing the voice inside everyone. To distill the adventure we used to experience through travel, into something smaller. Something we can do at home. Not as a second-best option for when we can’t travel. But as a way to reconnect with place, with memory and with imagination. To venture beyond reality and play with ‘what if?’ To be silly and open.

I’m creating a new workshop process, beginning with a podcast to fit into everyone’s lockdown lifestyle. It has been a rough journey to get to this point, mostly learning how to record and edit audio and do all that technical background work. I have a great deal of newfound respect for audio engineers!

So I’ve had a lot of free time to reflect and read and dream. I’ve changed website hosts and redone the whole thing, with new photography from a fun and physically distanced shoot with Clare Hawley.

There is still content to be added later on. But the next project is to revitalise our Facebook and Instagram accounts, so make sure you’re following along!